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Wedding Camps

Sometimes wedding venues are too perfect to pass on. It could be an amazing vineyard in the Hunter or the farm you grew up on!


One negative though could the local accommodation options are sparse, booked up or non-existent! The best and most fun way to solve this problem is to let Wow Tents provide your guests with Glamping accommodation.

Our amazing bell tents are perfect for Aussie conditions. Roomy and breathable they come in different sizes to accommodate twin, double and families/groups. With three different levels of comfort there will be something for all budgets and fusspots.

Guests will arrive to your wedding destination, wherever it is, to a tent to their own specification, in a campsite amongst all your friends and relatives. Immersed in a sense of excitement and adventure they will be with you to enjoy pre-wedding BBQs, swims and groggy breakfasts. A comfy home away from home and no need to leave early to catch expensive taxis to far-away hotels.

Wedding Camp Decor
St.Peters Church and Tents

Make use of our very popular online booking service! We can directly and securely take reservations from guests on our website to a personalised booking page. It’s a really great tool for couples as we get all the booking information direct deflecting the stress of chasing and collecting money from your friends and rellies! Contact us to find out more about this option.

We can consult on and arrange all other aspects of the campsite for you from loos and showers to food trucks and activities. Our partners The Giant Tipi Company offer a variety of nordic tipi and furniture packages. Perfect for that rustic natural country look to your wedding.

Tipi and Truck
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