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All of our tents are high quality, waterproof, canvas structures which have been tried and tested across Australia in all manner of Aussie conditions - wind, rain or shine.

We design our own tents with our partner manufacturer. Over the years we have tweaked and improved our designs to keep on improving. Our canvas is light yet durable, holding up to a barrage of rain, and drying quickly in the baking sun.


Our team are ready to help you choose what's right for you or your guests and to start planning your next camping adventure, party, wedding or festival!

Classic 5m Family.JPG.jpg
Classic 5m Family_edited.jpg

Classic Bell Tent

4m and 5m Bell Tent


  • foam mattress (double/single)

  • doona, pillow and linen

  • floor matting

  • fairy lights

4m Bell Tents suitable for Twin/Double

5m Bell Tents suitable for up to 4 people

Premium Bell Tent

5m Bell Tent only


  • raised bed w/foam mattress (double/single)

  • premium doona, pillow and quality linen

  • cushion

  • blanket(cooler months)

  • side table

  • floor matting

  • fairy lights

Premium Bell Tent with Raised Beds
Classic 5m Family.JPG.jpg

Empty Tent

4m and 5m Bell Tent

Scout Tent

Bring your own sleeping gear, bedding, table etc. and create your camping masterpiece!

For Bell Tents, floor matting and fairy lights are included.

Scout Tent is Tent Only

Deluxe Bell Tent

5m Bell Tent only


  • raised double bed w/ sprung mattress

  • premium bedding & cushions

  • side tables

  • occasional chair

  • fairy lights

  • floor matting



  • mirror

  • clothes rack

  • plants

  • additional lighting

Line of Glamping Bell Tents in Tamworth NSW
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