How do I book a tent for a wedding?

Please ask the happy couple for the booking link or contact us

How do I get a Wow Tents campsite at my wedding?

Please contact us with details of your wedding and we'll send you all the information!


Are your tents secure?

We recommend you keep your valuables on your person at all times, or lock them in your car or a locker, if available, at the Event. We don't supply padlocks, however you may padlock your door-zips closed - we just ask that you entrust our team with a spare key, or the code, so if you are locked out there is no damage caused to the tent.

Are your tents water and weatherproof?

Absolutely, all our tents are cotton canvas and erected as designed so will be 100% waterproof. Please zip up all walls, windows and zips before leaving your tent to play. Any left unzipped may cause your posessions or bedding to get rained on! High winds and serious storms may also affect the structure. Our team will be on hand to fix any problems in bad weather.

How big are your tents?

4m Bell Tent 4m diameter | 2.5m tall in the middle 5m Bell Tent 5m diamater | 3m tall in the middle Luna Bell Tent 5m diameter | 3m tall in the middle | full height standing room throughout Scout Tent 2m x 3m with a small porch at the front door for your dirty boots

What do I need to bring with me?

  • Towel
  • If it's going to be cold - extra blanket and warm PJs
  • Bin bags
  • Water bottle
  • Bedding - if not included - check your order information.
Leave No Trace: Please reduce your waste footprint by leaving excess packaging at home, bagging up your waste and recycling and using the facilities on site or taking it home.

Is there any power available?

In general, expect there to be no power available, unless specified. Often our events are off-grid and a lot of effort and expense if required to generate power for basic services. We recommend turning your phone off and enjoying the surroundings! Communal areas in Event campsites will sometimes have some limited access to power outlets for phone charging. Please check event specific FAQs for more information.

What is your refund / cancellation policy?

Please see our terms and conditions

What is the booking fee for?

We charge a $1 or 1% booking fee, whichever is greater, to cover some of the cost of taking your payment and issuing your ticket through our booking system. The Booking Fee is non-refundable. Please see our terms and conditions for more details about our cancellation and refund policy

Rabbits 2021

What do I need to bring?

Rabbits Eat Lettuce x Boehmian Beatfreaks November 2020 Empty Bell Tents and Scout Tents, you'll need airbeds/sleeping mats, pillows blankets/sleeping bag etc. Classic - all your bedding is included. If you feel the cold and like to keep super warm, bring a blanket and some warm PJs! Everyone needs to bring their sickest outfits, best vibes, yummiest food, booziest or softest drinks, bin bags, painkillers, torch, toilet paper - you know, all the usual festival supplies.

When can I check in?

Rabbits Eat Lettuce x Boehmian Beatfreaks November 2020 Please check gate times at the festival website closer to the time. Our campsite will be ready when the main gates open. See you then!

Will there be any power available?

Rabbits Eat Lettuce x Boehmian Beatfreaks November 2020 Limited availabiltiy phone charging available in the communal area otherwise power up your Bell tent at checkout.

Can I park next to my tent?

Rabbits Eat Lettuce x Boehmian Beatfreaks November 2020 We'll try and get parks as close to tents as possible but isn't always possible with the campsite layout/roads access. Parking will be very close by if not next to your tent.

When do I need to check out by?

Rabbits Eat Lettuce x Boehmian Beatfreaks November 2020 By midday please on the last day. You're welcome to stay on the festival site until later to sober up, however please vacate your tent as we will need to clean up and get away to our next event. If you're driving, remember there's a good chance of RDT and RBT on all roads out.

Can you blow up my airbed for me?

Rabbits Eat Lettuce x Boehmian Beatfreaks November 2020 Come and use the power at the communal area - if you forget your pump, we may even have a pump here to help you! If you're bringing a new airbed, please leave the packaging at home and take it away with you - LEAVE NO TRACE

Will there be any toilets and showers?

Rabbits Eat Lettuce x Boehmian Beatfreaks November 2020 Toilets and showers will be in the Glamping area for use by Wow Tents and RV site customers only. There will also be a drinking water tap.


What about Covid-19?

We can set up your experience contact free. Just let us in the back or side gate. Our staff are required to report any symptoms and not work if they are and requested to self-isolate.

We'll ensure all equipment is fully sanitized before leaving your property to enjoy your tent for the weekend. Afterwards we'll come and take everything away with minimal fuss and all we'll leave behind is a patch of slightly yellow grass that will return to normal soon.

How much space do we need?

Ideally you will have at least a 10m x 10m grassy yard. If you're unsure please get in touch and we can advise!

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